Sunday 09th December 2018,
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Tim Hardaway Jr.’s ‘Expectation’ for the New York Knicks? Playoffs, Baby

Tim Hardaway Jr.’s ‘Expectation’ for the New York Knicks? Playoffs, Baby


The New York Knicks’ $71 million man has high hopes for this season.

And he might be the only one.

From the New York Daily NewsJustin Tasch:

Returning Knick Tim Hardaway Jr.’s intentions are pure, but this comment immediately conjures up images of former Indianapolis Colts coach Jim Mora’s famous playoffs rant from 2001.

“My expectation is for this team to go to the playoffs, and nothing more,” Hardaway Jr. said Sunday morning after the Knicks’ open practice at the Garden. “It starts with practice tomorrow.”


Nothing is wrong with these comments on the surface. Hardaway, truthfully, probably isn’t the only player inside the locker room thinking this way. Professional athletes almost always have this level of confidence in themselves and their ability.

But, yeah, no.

The Knicks aren’t making the playoffs. The Eastern Conference is wide-open, and Kristaps Porzingis, on his own, may be too good for them to lose enough to enter Michael Porter Jr. territory, but they’re not making the playoffs. They have a jillion bigs, don’t employ nearly enough shooting or plus stoppers and must try navigating a point guard rotation that, as of now, consists of Ron Baker, rookie Frank Ntilikina, Ramon Sessions and Jarrett Jack.

Does that sound like a postseason-bound squad to you? Because it shouldn’t. And it won’t be. Kudos to Hardaway for aiming high, and perhaps he’ll enjoy the statistical boon that comes when high-volume players headline crappy teams. But don’t be fooled by this usual dose of early October optimism. The Knicks are not headed to the playoffs.

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