Thursday 16th August 2018,
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Shabazz Muhammad to Re-Sign With Wolves

Shabazz Muhammad to Re-Sign With Wolves

The Timberwolves and Shabazz Muhammad essentially went in one big circle this summer and ended up at the same place.

After renouncing his rights during free agency in order to sign Taj Gibson, the T’Wolves have decided to bring back 24-year-old swing man Shabazz Muhammad on a one-year deal for the minimum.

Muhammad is really a victim of poor timing as he was a young player that got lost in the shuffle in free agency this summer and struggled to find a contract with another team despite some flirtations.

If this were 2016, Muhammad likely would have been able to garner $8 to $12 million in annual salary at least, but in a much tighter cap environment teams didn’t see the value of paying money for a rotational wing player who hasn’t quite lived up to expectations.

He will continue to fill a role for Minnesota and will earn some rotational minutes behind Jimmy Butler and Andrew Wiggins.

Muhammad’s biggest issue as a player is that his skill size doesn’t fit the current era of NBA basketball. He is a slightly below average three-point shooter and defender despite his size, athleticism and ability to get to the rim.

He can only hope he improves and flashes enough to garner a longer-term contract (likely elsewhere) next summer.

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