Tuesday 19th June 2018,
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Kobe Imparts Mamba Motivation to Players Around NBA

Kobe Imparts Mamba Motivation to Players Around NBA


Kobe Bryant has appeared to transition into post NBA life well as he has appeared to focus his maniacal level of drive and determination to other facets of his life such as business, family, Musecage and other things one would imagine.

That doesn’t mean his love for the game of basketball has completely left him though, he is still a fan of the game and has been offering his advice and imparting #MambaMentality as we will call it to some select young stars around the league.

This in itself shows the growth and maturity of Bryant as he was known as stand-offish, a non-conformist and not willing to really mentor others which as you can imagine didn’t make him the most endearing teammate in his playing days.

Here are some challenges that Kobe has set out for some players for the 2017-18:

He reserved the biggest challenge for Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo…

He also challenged Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks to break the Seahawks single-season interception record and Olympic Sprinter Allyson Feliz to coach the Special Olympics.

Which of the NBA challenges are most likely to come true? I feel like Wall making 1st-Team All-Defense could be a real possibility this season with Chris Paul another year older and set to play for a much higher paced team in Houston.

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