Friday 25th May 2018,
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Cavaliers Release New Uniforms

Cavaliers Release New Uniforms


The Cleveland Cavaliers roster projects to look a little different next season as 25-year-old superstar point guard will likely be playing elsewhere, now apparently their duds will be new as well.

While most teams have opted to not make any real changes with their uniforms with the switch to Nike for the 2017-18 season (save for the Pacers of course) the Cavaliers have decided it is time to shake things up a little bit and roll out a new style for 2017-18…

My initial reaction is that they look a little too bold and blockier than previous iterations, they look more like the kind of uniforms you would see a high school team or a semi-pro team wear (think Arena football but in NBA uniforms) and not really the classic style the Cavaliers have been using with their wine and gold since LeBron’s first departure.

Here is another video breaking down each feature of the “wine” colored road uniforms:

I am not personally a big fan of the jagged numbers and once again these look like they aren’t the highest quality uniforms with the new design.

I became a big fan of the blue alternate uniforms with the red numbers and yellow trim and the sleeved black jerseys the Cavaliers have worn often the past few years, while never a huge fan of their normal wine and gold road uniforms.

These appear to be a step down for me, the Cavaliers are hoping they don’t take a step down on the court this season as well. LeBron may have something to say about that…

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