Tuesday 19th June 2018,
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Steve Kerr About Lavar Ball “I Don’t Think He’s Helping His Kids”

Steve Kerr About Lavar Ball “I Don’t Think He’s Helping His Kids”

steve kerr on lavar ball

LaVar Ball has made himself far and away more famous and in the news than his top NBA draft prospect son Lonzo Ball and his other two talented sons in high school LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball, with his controversial comments and let’s be honest, disassociation with reality.

He has said that Lonzo is better than Steph Curry, that he will only play for the Lakers, that he himself would be able to beat Michael Jordan in a 1-on-1 in his heyday (he averaged 2 points per game at Washington State in 1988-89) and that he could beat Charles Barkley in 1-on-1 right now. He also said that his three sons and him should sign their own billion dollar shoe deal.

His unwavering belief in himself and his sons could be admirable if it didn’t waver on arrogance and delusion. It has become a huge distraction that puts a huge target on his son’s back and Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr agrees.

“The fact that everybody keeps talking about him, he seems to be accomplishing whatever he’s trying to accomplish, because the things he says are so outlandish. But he keeps getting headlines, and I guess that’s what he wants.

“I don’t think it’s helping his kids,” Kerr continued. “I think it’d be better for them if they can just play and have fun and not have to hear that every day, but whatever. It’s all part of him.”

LaVar is clearly starving for the spotlight and attention and is using his sons talents to get it in spades and promote himself.

You can bet that whomever drafts Lonzo Ball will have to have a plan to minimize the effects of LaVar Ball.

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