Tuesday 26th March 2019,
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Joel Embiid Recreates Classic Allen Iverson SLAM Magazine Cover

Joel Embiid Recreates Classic Allen Iverson SLAM Magazine Cover


While the tornado that was Joel Embiid’s brilliance on an NBA court during his rookie season is over now that he has been sidelined to recover from his knee issue, it appears he is still doing some pretty cool things off the court like only Joel does.

While he is not killing a lion in the jungle, dancing shirtless on stage at a concert or tweeting a celebrity this time, he is still building on his legend. This time by recreating a classic Allen Iverson SLAM Magazine cover from 1999.

Embiid has got the pose down and the hair is comparable, although not as glorious as A.I.’s afro, but the lack of gold chains is a bit of a letdown, I expected more from Joel.

According to SLAM Magazine Editor-in Chief Adam Figman, Joel wanted to have his own style for the shoot and leave the chains to Iverson.

SLAM Magazine apparently has a passion for recreating classic covers with budding 76ers stars as they did the same thing with Ben Simmons and the recreation of a LeBron James cover from 2003 leading up to the 2016 NBA Draft.

Can the basketball Gods please treat us to an era where we get to see how a healthy Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid can mesh their unique talents together and live up to their massive potential? The basketball world would greatly appreciate it.

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