Wednesday 22nd March 2023,
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What’s Our Attraction To NBA Basketball?

NBA Curry Durant Warriors

If you’re reading this, I’m willing to bet that you are you are more than just a casual fan of the NBA or basketball in general. Maybe you grew up watching or playing basketball, or maybe this is a newer love affair, but for whatever reason, we all love this sport. So what’s the attraction? What about watching the NBA do we love so much? Read on for four aspects of NBA fandom that makes it so attractive to so many of us.

1. The excitement

The 82 game approach keeps us busy during basketball season. There is little time to analyze past games and predict potential outcomes for the upcoming games. The NBA season is straight action all the time, which for us diehards is much more appealing than thinking up imaginary scenarios and waiting for the next game a week away.

2. The betting scene

Professional basketball gambling has exploded in recent years and is actually the number two most popular sport to bet on, second only to the NFL. Since there are so many games each season, online betting for professional basketball is exciting and requires a lot of skill and strategy. The betting game provides us with a whole different way to become a fan, strategize, and immerse ourselves in each NBA season.

3. The personalities

Many people believe that NBA players are the most accessible of all sports players. Maybe it’s because of the nature of the game and the fact that you can see their faces so clearly. You can see when the athletes are hurting, angry, or in full concentration mode. The NBA humanizes their players making the sport truly relate-able.

4. The support of women in the sport

Basketball is the only professional sport with a well supported and established women’s league. The WNBA is actually owned by the NBA and supported by not only the league but many NBA fans as well.

No matter your reason, at our core, the love of the game is what we all have in common. Why do you keep coming back to the NBA?

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