Sunday 27th May 2018,
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Pistons Gauging Market for Andre Drummond, Reggie Jackson

Pistons Gauging Market for Andre Drummond, Reggie Jackson


The Pistons have been a bit of a disappointment in the 2016-17 season at 26-30 through 56 games, but despite their inability to find the sort of success and defensive efficiency that they had last season they are still currently sitting in the No. 8 seed in the east.

That apparently does not please the front office and Head Coach Stan Van Gundy. According to a report from ESPN’s Zach Lowe on Wednesday morning, the Pistons are exploring the trade market for their two most high-profile and high paid players in Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson.

Although the Jackson and Drummond pick-and-roll was highly effective last season, the Pistons have been clearly worse since Jackson’s return this season and have been outscored by seven points per 100 possessions with Jackson and Drummond on the floor together.

Jackson’s already mediocre at best three-point shooting has been worse this season and it appears as though he is not able to slice apart defenses with his penetration as he has the past few seasons. His defense has left a lot to be desired.

Drummond meanwhile is a monster rebounder and a good pick-and-roll finisher who has the ability to switch defensively against the pick-and-roll. He is still not quite the defensive force that DeAndre Jordan or Rudy Gobert is, and nowhere near the offensive player that DeMarcus Cousins or Marc Gasol is.

The idea that the Pistons would actually trade their 23-year-old center is highly unlikely and would require a huge offer including a few picks. The idea of Jackson being dealt in the next week or so is a realistic possibility to a team like Orlando, New Orleans or Minnesota.

Here is the full article by Lowe breaking down the situation and Detroit’s struggles: Would a big move at the trade deadline get the Pistons unstuck?

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