Tuesday 22nd May 2018,
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Kings Owner Thinks Buddy Hield Can be Steph 2.0

Kings Owner Thinks Buddy Hield Can be Steph 2.0


Kings Owner Vivek Ranadive is a highly creative software and business tycoon, but has proven to be a slightly meddling and legitimately loopy basketball mind. He was the one person who still loved DeMarcus Cousins and refused to trade him until the bitter end. He has actually suggested and wanted his team to play 4-on-5 basketball to increase their chances to win.

His thought process was that the idea was successful with his children’s youth basketball league. You need no further proof that Ranadive is a bit out there as a basketball mind, which makes him one of the most quirky owners we have ever seen.

The NBA world is still in reaction mode to the mega deal that took place Sunday night and sent Cousins to the Pelicans for a package of picks, expiring contracts (my how Tyreke Evans has fallen) and one young piece in Buddy Hield.

Hield was a college star last season that has proven to be nothing more than a potential sharp shooter who brings little else to the table in his rookie season thus far. He is currently shooting under 40 percent from the field and a little above average 37 percent from three-point range.

According to Ranadive, because of this and his similar status as a cult hero in his college days, Buddy Hield could be Steph Curry 2.0.

If you want more intel into how the Kings have devolved into the laughing stock of a franchise that they are, the shocking lack of basketball knowledge that their leadership possess is one if not the biggest reason why.

Steph Curry is a 44 percent career three-point shooter and 47 percent shooter from the field. He possess a level of quickness, ball handling ability, an ability to score in creative ways and get his shot off that Buddy Hield will never come close to matching.

The Kings better hope Hield develops into at least 60 percent of the player Curry is if they want to feel any better about their most current questionable move.

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