Thursday 17th January 2019,
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Joel Embiid Continues to be the Most Interesting Man in the NBA

Joel Embiid Continues to be the Most Interesting Man in the NBA


From tweeting his love for Rihanna and Kim Kardashian directly to them, to exclaiming his love for WWE, to constant social media domination, to claiming he once killed a lion in an African jungle as an adolescent to being the most physically impressive and intriguing young center we have seen on the court in some time, Joel Embiid has clearly claimed his stake as the most interesting player in the NBA.

While he has missed 11 of the past 12 games while recovering from a bone bruise in his left knee (a true travesty) he has still managed to dominate social media and did so again Friday night while showing off his pretty impressive dance moves with his shirt off at a Meek Mill concert in Philadelphia.

As you can see Embiid commands the stage like the star that he is.

Being an elite athlete doesn’t always translate to being a good dancer by the way, watch the regrettable video of Michael Jordan dancing from the early 90s…

I not surprised one iota that Joel Embiid is able to dance, but would also choose to do so on stage at a concert with his shirt off.

Can we have a reality show where Embiid and Rob Gronkowski live together and just do basic, normal, everyday things with the occasional bar or club scene thrown in? The ratings would be through the roof.

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