Tuesday 22nd May 2018,
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Rajon Rondo Apparently Wanted to Sign with Knicks or Nets Last Summer

Rajon Rondo Apparently Wanted to Sign with Knicks or Nets Last Summer

Rajon Rondo’s foray into free agency this past summer didn’t unfold as planned.

The Chicago Bulls signed him to a two-year deal, the second of which is only partially guaranteed. And after he put pen to paper, Dwyane Wade followed him to the Windy City, creating a backcourt with very little spacing.

Following a relatively hot start to the year, the Bulls have cooled off. They cannot shoot, and Rondo has fallen out of head coach Fred Hoiberg’s rotation.

And to think, if Rondo had his way, he wouldn’t even be in Chicago right now, per Nets Daily:

This is worth revisiting now that Rondo isn’t playing and is bound to hear his name bandied about in trade rumors. Both the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets needed point guards, desperately so, yet didn’t want to give him a look.

Which makes sense.

Derrick Rose wasn’t an ideal solution for the Knicks, but he is more of a scoring threat than Rondo, even if he’s not as accomplished of a playmaker. And the Nets needed someone who could pilot a fast-paced attack. Rondo doesn’t fit that bill, nor is he known for his charismatic personality—something for which Brooklyn was also in the market.

That the Knicks may have chose Rose and the Nets may have picked Jeremy Lin over Rondo says a lot about the latter’s current career arc—and more about the value of ball-dominant point guards who don’t shoot.

Bear this anecdote in mind as you parse through Rajon Rondo-headlined trade scenarios over the next few weeks.

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