Saturday 23rd June 2018,
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Javale McGee’s New Haircut is… Interesting

Javale McGee’s New Haircut is… Interesting

javale mcgee

Javale McGee has been given a golden opportunity this season as a member of the juggernaut Golden State Warriors Especially considering how he has been toiling away for a few seasons and failing to stay on an NBA team for any length of time.

McGee, with his rare combination of size, length and mobility, has always been incredibly intriguing for teams. The main reason he has failed to materialize into a top-level starting center akin to a DeAndre Jordan is, if we’re being completely honest, the fact that he is no Albert Einstein on a basketball court.

McGee is the all-time leader of Shaqtin-A-Fool worthy moments and doesn’t exactly have a rousing reputation around the NBA for his ability to be coached or play effectively in an offensive or defensive system.

2017 could be a new year for Javale McGee though and to honor a new year and a new him, Javale McGee made a very… well Javale McGee sort of decision.

Enjoy the masterpiece…

I know it is not fair to judge a book by its cover or a man by his rat tail in this case, but McGee looks more like the guy you see on public transportation that you choose to keep a little extra distance from and not someone who is ready to evolve into a valuable NBA player.

Either way having more Javale McGee in our lives is always a good thing, you keep being you Javale.

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