Tuesday 22nd January 2019,
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Greg Oden: “I’ll be Remembered as the Biggest Bust in NBA History”

Greg Oden: “I’ll be Remembered as the Biggest Bust in NBA History”

greg oden

There isn’t a more uncomfortable position in sports than to be a considered a “bust.” Because for the rest of your life, no matter what you do, that’s how the masses will remember you. It’s unfair, but very true. You’re probably not ever going to be able to get a job with a team, or serve as an analyst because your credibility is shot right from the beginning. Therefore, you must venture outside of the sports in which you love to earn a living.

A “bust” should just be isolated to a highly-touted player who simply wasn’t good enough. But unfortunately, it also includes a highly-touted player who was too injured to ever live up to his full potential. The latter is where Greg Oden falls. We’ll never know what Oden could’ve been because of his shaky knees, which is why he is regarded (unfairly) as a bust. And the sad part comes in when you actually hear him say as much.

“I’ll be remembered as the biggest bust in NBA history,” Oden told Outside the Lines. “But I can’t do nothing about that…

“Don’t get me wrong,” Oden said. “If I was healthy, I would love to continue playing, but I’m not healthy.”


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