Friday 20th July 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Gregg Popovich in NBA 2K is a Sight to Behold

Pop Dunk

Gregg Popovich is arguably the greatest coach in NBA history (I would argue that he is) and has served as the coach and GM for the NBA’s most consistently successful franchise for almost two decades.

Most of his on court highlights are of him devouring poor sideline reporters with a glare, a well-placed sarcastic quip or a complete refusal to engage in the whole mid-game interview song and dance.

This isn’t the case anymore. The few people on this earth who have dreamed what it would be like to see Pop dominating the competition in a more literal manner no longer have to wait, dreams do come true.

Popovich decides that he doesn’t have time for the Eastern Conference All-Stars to roll the ball up the court and instead decides to commandeer the loose ball and dunk on whoever stands in his way with the ferociousness of Russell Westbrook after watching the movie 300.

I’m not surprised he is wearing his favorite player’s number, no. 21 of course, to pay homage to Tim Duncan, but his status as a member of the Chicago Bulls is perplexing.

Either way, seeing Coach Pop out there getting buckets is a very welcome sight that I for one hope to see more of.

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