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9 NBA Prospects to Watch During March Madness


    March Madness is upon us! Although the NCAA Tournament action will not get underway for another week, major conference tournaments are about to begin and it is the last real opportunity for pro prospects to make an impression on scouts and America before the NBA draft in June.

    Here are some players to keep an eye on during March Madness

    Disclaimer: Ben Simmons is not on this list as all signs point to LSU not making the tournament.

  • NCAA Basketball: Rice at California

    Age: 19
    Current Draft Projection: Top 5

    2015-16 Stats: PPG: 15.6 REB: 5.6 AST: 1.9 FG%: 45 3P%: 30 FT%: 65

    Brown has struggled a bit as of late, but it is obvious that this blue chip recruit is brimming with potential. He is 6’7″ with a fully developed frame and NBA body at 225 lbs. and he plays with a constant agression. He hasn’t developed a relaibel jumpp shot as of yet, but he attacks the rim consistently and uses his strength and explosiveness to finish over and around defenders. He is often compared to a Jason Richardson or Stanley Johnson and projects as a scoring small forward in the NBA. Cal has the talent to make a deep tournament run and if they do Brown will garner some of the spotlight.

  • Ingram Duke

    Current Draft Projection: Top 5

    2015-16 Stats: PPG: 16.8 REB: 6.8 AST: 1.9 BLK: 1.4 FG%: 44 3P%: 41 FT% 68

    Brandon Ingram has been making scouts salivate with his potential all season. He is 6’9″ with a 7’3″ wingspan and he already has a very smooth and polished offensive game. He often gets compared to Kevin Durant and George Gervin and like Durant he badly needs to add some weight and muscle to his frame at this age as Ingram doesn’t even tip 200 lbs on the scales. He is a good not great athlete but he can score in numerous ways whether it is pull up jumpers off the dribble, slithering his way to the rim or extending his range to NBA three-point territory. Like most players of his age he needs to improve his defensive fundamentals and better utilize his wingspan. He will almost assuredly be a top 2 pick.

  • CU vs Utah Men

    Current Draft Projection: Lottery

    2015-16 Stats: PPG: 17.5 REB: 9.1 AST: 1.9 BLK: 1.6 FG%:66 FT%: 67

    Poeltl has made a huge leap in his sophomore season and is one of the best players in the country. He is clearly the go to player for a surprising Utah team that may have a deep tournament run in them. He is very aggressive and plays with great energy and hustle, sprinting up and down the floor to clean up the glass and get in deep post position to score around the hoop. He has pretty decent lateral quickness for a center as well and will throw in a few nifty post moves. His ceiling maybe not be as high as some other lottery picks but it is hard to see him not being a useful NBA player.

  • Dunn Friars

    Current Draft Projection: Top 10

    2015-16 Stats: PPG: 16.3 AST: 6.4 REB: 5.7 STL: 2.7 FG%: 44 3P%: 35 FT%: 70

    Kris Dunn knows how to fill up a stat sheet. He is a big point guard with great athleticism and play making instincts. He has a quick first step to blow y defenders and is great at penetrating the land and kicking it out to open shooters or finding cutters. He has an improving jump shot as well. He seems perfect for today’s NBA as a big, athletic point guard with slash and kick ability.

  • Valentine Mich State

    Current Draft Projection: Mid First Round

    2015-16 Stats: PPG: 19.5 REB: 7.5 AST: 7.5 FG%: 47 3P%: 45 FT%: 84

    Denzel Valentine has been one of the two best players in the nation this year along with Buddy Hield. He is the unquestioned go to guy for Michigan State and the catalyst of their entire offense and has them primed for another deep in March. Valentine has been wowing scouts all season with his play making ability and craftiness. He can change speeds and angles as a ball handler to get to the rim and can score in numerous ways. He is also one of the highest IQ players in the country and has incredible vision. He is a lot like a smaller version of another certain overlooked Michigan State star in Draymond Green. He may not have an NBA frame or athleticism but he can play and he will be a guy that half the league regrets not taking.

  • Murray Kent

    Current Draft Projection: Top 10

    2015-16 Stats: PPG: 20.1 REB: 5.1 AST: 2.2 FG%: 45 3P%: 42 FT%: 78

    Murray has been tearing it up as of late as his scoring and assertiveness as the go to guy for Kentucky has picked up dramatically. Murray is a very skilled and crafty combo guard that hasn’t proven to be a true point guard at Kentucky and seems to be more of a starting two-guard and point guard in spot minutes. He is a very measured and clutch player that doesn’t get too high or too low and compensates for his lack of explosiveness and athleticism with angles and smarts. Kind of plays like a bigger version of Tony Parker.

  • Buddy

    Current Draft Projection: Lottery

    2015-16 Stats: PPG: 25.1 REB: 5.5 AST: 2.1 STL: 1.2 FG%: 49 3P% 47 FT%: 89

    Hield has been nothing short of incredible this season, having one of the better seasons for a player in the Big 12 ever. He has has incredible consistency as an elite scorer and has had many of memorable and classic performances. Hield has improved in every way and has become a great ball handler and shot creator as well as a catch and shoot guy. He is the rare NBA ready player right now as a 22-year-old senior and his biggest detraction is his smallish size for a two-guard at 6’4″.

  • NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-2nd Round-Kansas vs New Mexico State

    Current Draft Projection: Late First Round/Early 2nd Round

    2015-16 Stats: PPG: 20.7 REB: 11.7 BLK: 2.4 AST: 1.7 FG%: 55 3P%: 21 FT%: 67

    Pascal Siakam is a true revelation for New Mexico State as he is an uber aggressive and athletic hustle player that dominates the paint. His size, effort and bounce remind you of a slightly bigger Kenneth Faried. He hasn’t developed much of an outside or mid-range game at this point but he attacks the rim and has a very nice hook shot and touch over his left or right shoulder. Bleacher Report did an in-depth story about him and his family’s journey from Cameroon:

    He can become a tournament darling if New Mexico State can make a Cinderella run and he will be a steal in this year’s draft.

  • Prince Baylor

    Current Draft Projection: Late First Round

    2015-16 Stats: PPG: 15.5 REB: 6.0 AST: 2.2 STL: 1.3 FG%: 43 3P%: 36 FT%: 77

    Prince has great length, a great fame, and amazing athleticism and lateral quickness at 6’7″ and 220. He is a bouncy athlete and is an underrated scorer, Baylor’s leading scorer coming off of the bench. He is an elite defender with high level defensive IQ and instincts and is a good catch and shoot guy from the corners. He seems like the perfect 3-and-D guy that teams should value in today’s NBA. He will be a great and highly useful late round pick for an NBA team looking for another defender who can defend multiple wing positions and hit open threes.

9 NBA Prospects to Watch During March Madness


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