Wednesday 25th November 2020,
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10 Worst NBA Free Agent Signings This Summer

  • boshfreeagent

    The 2014 NBA Free Agency period has been shocking with numerous plot twists and drama, especially at the top where Lebron surprisingly decided to take his talents back to Cleveland.

    Following that blockbuster, Carmelo Anthony chose to remain a NY Knick, signing a 5 year near max deal to rebuild under Phil Jackson in New York.

    But the real winners this offseason have been the mid-level ballers, many of whom were overpaid by their new prospective employers.

    Check out our list ranking the Top 10 Wosrt Free Agent Signings So Far…

  • jordan hill slider 1

    2 Years – $18 Million

    LA Lakers

    After their plans to sign Lebron and/or Melo went up in smoke, the Lakers went with Plan C, or rather D or F, by resigning the former Lottery pick for roughly $9 million a season. The 26 year old PF did set career highs in PPG(9.7) and rebounding(7.4) but is hardly worth $18 million.

  • channing frye 1

    4 Years – $32 million

    Orlando Magic

    The Magic surely needed some veteran presence on their largely young roster but signing the journeyman stretch 4, at nearly $8 million per season, was a tad of a reach, especially since they are already stacked at the PF position.

  • marvin williams 1

    2 Years – $14 Million

    Charlotte Hornets

    Many fans forget that Williams was once the 2nd overall selection in the 2005 NBA Draft. Now onto his 3rd team, Williams is a nice player but has career averages of 10.8 points and 5 rebounds with Atlanta and Utah. Wonder if the North Carolina thing had anything to do with MJ targeting Williams?

  • ben gordon 1

    2 Years – $9 Million

    Orlando Magic

    Orlando makes our list for the 2nd time by signing the 31 year old guard, who was waived by Charlotte, after averaging only 5.2 ppg. $4.5 million a season won’t break the bank but could have been used more wisely on another key piece in their rebuild.

  • NBA: Washington Wizards at Detroit Pistons

    5 Years – $60 Million

    Washington Wizards

    There’s no denying that the now 30 year old Polish big man has come a long way from being a back-up to Dwight Howard in Orlando. He also had a break out season for the Wizards last year, especially in the postseason, but Gortat will be 35 by the time the deal expires.

  • chandler parsons 3

    3 Years – $46 Million

    Dallas Mavericks

    Parsons has emerged as a very good NBA player, setting career highs across the board last season in Houston. But after learning of the monstrous offer given to the restricted free agent by the Mavericks, Houston decided not to match to retain some financial flexibility, which turned into signing Trevor Ariza.

  • jodie meeks 1

    3 Years – $19 Million

    Detroit Pistons

    Known primarily as a 3 point specialist, Meeks has been a good fit with the Lakers the past two seasons. But the Pistons obviously see him as much more by paying the 26 year old journeyman more than $6 million per season.

  • nick young 1

    4 Years – $21.5 Million

    LA Lakers

    “Swaggy P” is a nice player, in fact, one of the more talented offensive players in the Association for that matter. But signing the 29 year old long term, known more for his significant other and fade-away jumpers, than smart, winning basketball just doesn’t seem wise for a team trying to win in Kobe’s final 2 seasons.

  • Chris Bosh

    5 Years – $118 Million

    Miami Heat

    Not quite as glamorous as Lebron resigning in Miami, but the Heat instead will now try and make a 5th straight NBA Finals appearance behind aging stars D. Wade, Luol Deng, and Bosh, who’s numbers have declined for 4 straight seasons.

  • kobe bryant slider 2

    2 Years – $48.5 Million

    LA Lakers

    While the deal was signed during the ’13-’14 season, Kobe’s monstrous deal that will pay him $23.5 million next season and $25 the following season, is crippling for the Lakers franchise. There is also huge risk involved paying such a huge salary to a 35 year old player that is coming off of major injury. I get it, if anyone deserves the money, it’s the future Hall of Famer, but taking a discount would have done wonders in helping the Lakers become relevant over the life of his contract.


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