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10 Amnestied Players Still Being Paid By Former Teams

  • Washington Wizards v/s Orlando Magic February 4, 2011

    Back in 2011, the new Collective Bargaining Agreement made official the Amnesty Clause, where a team was permitted to release one player with their salary not counting against the luxury tax.

    Some of the first ever players to be Amnestied and go on to play for another team were former All Stars Elton Brand(Philadelphia), Gilbert Arenas(Orlando), Baron Davis(Cleveland), and Chauncey Billups(NY Knicks).

    But not every Amnestied player was of elite caliber, like Charlie Bell(Golden State), Travis Outlaw(NJ Nets), or Darko Milicic(Minnesota).

    Teams have until the ’15-’16 season to use the one time Amnesty provision, with all but 10 teams not yet finding a use for the financially freeing mulligan.

    Check out 10 Amnestied Players Still Being Paid By Their Former Teams….

  • josh childress suns 1

    Phoenix Suns

    Following up some decent years playing overseas from ’08-’10, the former McDonald’s All American, known for his huge hair, the Atlanta Hawks thought Childress could be a building block for the future. But after averaging just 2.9 ppg in 34 games for Phoenix back in 2012, the Suns cut ties with Childress using the Amnesty Clause. Although he has played for Brooklyn and New Orleans since then, the Suns still owe Childress a salary through 2015.

  • travis outlaw 1
    New Jersey Nets

    Back in 2010, the then still NJ Nets surprisingly signed the 6’9 athletic forward to a 5 year, $35 million deal to be part of their core going forward. But that only lasted one season, as Outlaw was Amnestied in 2011 and is now a member of the Sacramento Kings, despite getting a salary from the Nets through 2015.

  • tyrus thomas 2
    Charlotte Bobcats

    Despite being regarded as one of the bigger busts of the Lottery in the modern area, MJ and the Bobcats decided to give Thomas a 5 year deal for $40 million. They came to their senses after only 2 seasons, waiving the shot blocking forward in 2013, and being on the hook for his salary through 2015.

  • brendan haywood 1
    Dallas Mavericks

    The shot blocking 7 footer once won an NBA Title with the Dallas Mavericks back in 2011 but was waived by Dallas in the Summer of 2012 and are still on the hook for the remainder of his salary through 2016.

  • drew gooden 1
    Milwaukee Bucks

    Following leading the nation in rebounding and being named NCAA POY at Kansas in 2002, Gooden played for 8 teams in 8 seasons before getting a 5 year, $32 million deal with the Bucks back in 2010. They came to their senses in 2013 and released the under-performing forward, and although he now plays for Washington, Milwaukee is on the hook for his salary through 2015.

  • andray blatche 1
    Washington Wizards

    Back in 2010, Blatche had a career year for the Wizards and was given a contract extension through 2015. But then things went sideways in Washington and Blatche was waived in 2012, and currently plays for the Brooklyn Nets.

  • mike miller heat
    Miami Heat

    “Friends are friends, and business is business” was the theme back in 2013 when longtime Lebron, Wade, and Bosh companion Mike Miller was waived, following winning back-to-back titles in Miami. Miller played one season in Memphis before reuniting with Lebron back in Cleveland for next year. Oh, by the way, the Heat still have him on the payroll through 2015.

  • luis scola rockets

    Houston Rockets

    Now a key member of the Indiana Pacers off the bench, Scola was waived by the Houston Rockets back in the Summer of 2012, to clear cap space to sign Dwight Howard. Although Howard initially went to LA, Houston used that money to acquire James Harden. Scola is still on the hook with Houston for a tad over $10 million through 2015.

  • Dallas Mavericks v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Three

    Portland Trailblazers

    Even though he attempted and failed at an NBA comeback with the Timberwolves in 2012, the still only 29 year old Roy is technically still on the Blazers’ payroll through 2015 even though he retired from the game twice.

  • gilbert arenas magic 2

    Orlando Magic

    The fall from grace was rather quick for the 3 time All Star as Arenas was owed more than $60 million by the Magic when he was waived back in 2011. Arenas should have come off Orlando’s books following last season but he signed a “stretch provision” that will pay him through 2016.


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