Monday 19th February 2018,
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Heat May Not Be Done Making Trades

patheatScary thought: Playing the Heat.

Scarier thought: Playing a better version of the Heat.

Despite spending much of the 2013-14 regular season in cruise control, the Heat are still scary good. Naked-pictures-of-Robin-Williams scary; any-movie-starring-Jason-Bateman good. And according to’s David Aldridge, they’re hoping to get even better:

With Oden looking like he can be a contributor, the Heat sent veteran center Joel Anthony to Boston last week as part of a three-team deal that brought guard Toney Douglas to Miami. But people around the league think the Heat are still looking to make another deal, for a wing, before the trade deadline.

Nothing to see here. Probably.

Roster-managing sage Pat Riley is always looking for ways to get better, constantly upending rocks in hopes of finding a steal. This is no different.

Well, almost no different.

Dwyane Wade is resting more than usual this season as Miami continues its quest for a third straight championship and fourth consecutive NBA Finals appearance. They’ve been looking for a “wing” long before now, when Jordan Crawford was still on the Celtics.

Ultimately, they landed Toney Douglas from the Warriors, a deteriorating shooter known for his defense. Douglas’ role, if he even has one, in Miami remains unknown. But we know he’s not a “wing.”

What the Heat need is a shooting guard who can step in and provide valuable minutes with or without Wade. They really don’t have that right now.

Shane Battier, Rashard Lewis and Michael Beasley have all seen valuable playing time, but none of them are a shooting guard. Though Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole have each seen time at the 2 as well, they’re no shooting guards, either. The Heat only have Roger Mason Jr., the veteran combo guard who has been used sparingly.

Another, more capable or statistically sound player could garner more playing time. Who that player might be, we don’t know, since the Heat don’t exactly have assets to burn.

Their most valuable draft pick was sent to Boston in Joel Anthony’s departure, and as far as tangible assets go, it’s unlikely anyone other than Cole or Chalmers would generate interest—maybe Udonis Haslem, but that’s a big maybe. Once you consider who they would be giving up, it’s clear whoever they’ll get won’t be a show-stopping household name. Hell, they may not even come via trade.

With Oden playing more and Mason still receiving minutes, the Heat could be holding a tryout of sorts, figuring out which player to cut, giving them the ability to sign a free agent. Having traded Anthony, it’s unlikely to be Oden, who has actually shown he can withstand actual playing time.

Douglas and Mason are more likely candidates. The Heat could cut ties with one of them, then attempt to sign a Shannon Brown or maybe a Richard Hamilton. Both are intriguing names, the former for his athleticism and the latter for his Wade-esque mid-range game.

Whatever the Heat decide to do—pursue a trade or free-agency signing—their options are limited. Absence of cap space and lack of tradeable assets means they cannot set sights too high.

Luckily for them, they don’t need another star or flashy name. They’re already pretty good.

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  • JB

    Pat has slowly been making over the roster so far I like what I see. Basically Beasley being Haslem’s replacement and now Oden for Joel Anthony. I dont see the point of carrying 4 point guards on this team when the frontcourt is the position of need. Either Mason (my preference) or T. Douglas has to go.

  • Jawara Isz-O BMore Stephenson

    I think Shannon Brown would be a awesome pickup for us, but also I think we should tackle our rebounding issues as well. Hopefully we could shop Jones and maybe Lewis for a decent big as well

    • iammyfatherson

      they`re not decent big out there. and shipping rashad and and J.J u actually believe somebody will give a decent big for those guys

  • hittmann23

    Pat Riley has the slightest idea what to do. He been making stupid moves all season. The only move he needs to make is try to get Bynum. That’s all the heat needs a big man with som skills. Bynum is the one missing piece they need. He trying to create a laker and Chicago of old type team. But he needs to get Chris Bosh help. With Bynum Bosh Lebron Mario and Wade. With Oden and Birdman with Ray Coles and Beasley. That’s balanced. Then that way if Wade can’t play they still good. Because the heat biggest problem is rebounding and defending bigs. Chris don’t way enough and Birdman is just athletic he’s not that big. I played ball for many years. The only thing I c wrong with the heat is Lebron needs to punish all those who challenges him. Paul George for one. David west hates Lebron and he hates thef Heat. And when the playoffs come they going to throw their weight around. So u need weight to throw back. Roy Hibbert. Is a bum to me he just big. But big is good when who u playing is small. The Pacers came ready for the Heat this yr. If Pat don’t make the right moves in these final days then the Heat is in trouble. U have to get LBJ some rest so that way he can have his legs in the fourth qtr

    • Jan

      You clearly dont know what floot spacing is. Birdman and Oden would be a bad mix.

      • Jan


    • gs24

      Do you even watch basketball? Bynun would be good, no doubt. But then his attitude, mentality would/could disrupt the team chemistry. Bynums all about getting touches if he doesnt get it he gets frustrated, when hes frustrated he doesnt get involved with team timeouts, doesnt perform. Given heat have lbj, wade, bosh, beas, ray…. bynum wont be getting a lot of touches. Heat need someone that rebounds defends brings energy and is healthy, heat need someone like jj hickson, who just crashes boards, defend and has alot of energy, doesnt need plays called for him to get points, he also can bang with bigs. Face it do u really think bynum will sacrafic??? Heats team moto is sacrafic, jj hick type player knows his role, plays within it. Sometimes its not about what u can do but what can u bring thats already not there…. from a pacers fan

      • Anti Troll

        Do you even watch basketball? If Beasley couldn’t disrupt this teams chemistry, why do you think Bynum would? What you need to do is watch more basketball and ignore those half ass media reports. And sacrafic isn’t a word idiot.

        • someone

          Beasley plays his role.
          Bynum is lazy. He doesn’t fit the culture and doesn’t deserve to cruise through a Championship.

        • Anti Troll

          Your misusing philosophy here idiot. What was Beasley’s reputation before he rejoined the Heat? Lazy, overrated, drug addict, troubled player who doesn’t need to be in the league. They said he didn’t fit the culture, like you claim Bynum doesn’t. Before his injury, the only bench player outplaying him was Isaiah Thomas in the entire NBA. Hindsight is always 20/20. Beasley’s improvements and “new reputation” are a testament to 2 things. 1) the media makes people look a certain way without explaining proper context to sheeps like yourself. Bynum’s repuation is ALL media bullshit. and 2) the Heat lockeroom is filled with focused veterans who have a greater influence than any 1 player. If they sign Bynum and he turns around completely, which is what happened to Beasley, than you’ll be on a post somewhere saying “Bynum plays his role”. Do you people lack reasoning skills or something?

      • Ronald Mitchell

        So you want Bynum to just go away and not play anymore? Sign Bynum now. Bynum is a proven playoff player who knows how to play in big game. Depending on Greg Oden is very very risky.

        • Anti Troll

          EXACTLY! This is proper logic right here people.

        • Zarif

          If this was a season or two ago I would love it if Bynum came to Miami, hell back when he was with the Lakers, I thought he was a better team player/big man than Dwight Howard. But he’s become a Lamar Odom. His Career is done. True Beasley had problems and know he is fine, and maybe Bynum might get his shit together being with a champion. But Beasley has played with the Heat before and a few of those players are still there. Plus I like the Oden and Birdman combination. They want athleticism, not a giant Bigman. The focus should be getting a player who can allow LBJ to sit down more, or ease the pain of not having Wade as much. I like Richard Hamilton. He’ll probably be expensive judging by his last contract, but moves around the court great and has an act to escape defenders.

    • William Thurston

      How could you say that and Mr. Riley Is considered the best. You’re ok.#please

  • Woody Lifton

    Does the name Ray Allen ring a bell?

    • Dan

      Was more focused on players with undefined roles or capable of picking up more playing time. Allen, unlike Douglas or Mason Jr., is already a prominent part of their rotation. Probably shouldn’t ask him to play more minutes.

  • AR

    It looks like everybody forgot JAMES JONES!!!!, he played on one of the first Wade’s off nights , the heat won and he scored 18 points!!!!
    His price , go back to the bench and rest for the rest of the season!!!!!
    R u kidding me!!!
    Now that the Heat is out of Joel Anthony. Pat PLEASE get another big man and help your protege Spoltra on making adjustments and proper rotations.
    So maybe them he will realize that Bosh is a FORWARD not a CENTER and he also realize that the only constant on life is change (small rotation will not cut it anymore in this league).
    Honestly with the kind of dept and talent that the team has,we should not be going through this slump!!
    Huge part of it is coaching !!!

    • someone

      James Jones is slept on. Only the fans know him and love him just because.

    • zarif

      I like James Jones, and I do want him to see more paying time
      Bosh, Birdman, are both athletic, and Oden is a solid guy who can move fast in the paint. Since Oden is developing nicely, Anthony wasn’t needed. And they only needed Oden to help with their Rebounding issue, other than that there aren’t a lot of big guys in the league and it’s worth letting those few big men score points because I offense is still beast.
      The only reason why we are in a slump is because Wade is sitting out more than usual and the team needs to adapt, change some rotation, and probably get another quick shooting guard.

  • someone

    What about our pick in Australia? James Ennis?

  • Ronald Mitchell

    Where the hell is Andrew Bynum? What happen nobody wants to sign him? I can’t believe nobody can’t use him.

    • momdukes

      He’s a distraction and the league knows it. He’ll he almost destroyed Cleveland’s locker room!

  • Breezy

    There is zero chance the heat get rid of Oden unless he has a season ending injury. You do not put a whole offseason and then over half of the regular season into a guys rehab and then cut him right as he is starting to play. Especially since that guy could be intrumental to the Heat against the Pacers. The biggest team standing in Miamis way for a threepeat. Much more so than any western team.

  • Louis Wms

    Andrew Bynum will no doubt help us win the third and with the leaders on this team his attitude will not be a problem the only reason not to sign him will be money

    • Tegh Sahota

      If they sign him with the understanding that this for this season only and that he has to accept that he might not get the touches he would get elsewhere. Its risky bringing in a player with baggage. Beasley was different he came back with players who played with him.

  • Eugenio Belarminio Jr.

    Miami to take it all vs GS in the finals lol

  • hittmann23

    Look wat a lot of u don’t understand is this is about rings. Everybody is playing for a ring except Carmelo. He just want to shoot. He don’t care if he wins. But Bynum is wat and all we need. Oden is like Dwade right now he’s useless. U can’t do shit for a team on the bench. Having people talk about what u going to do when u start playing. Bynum is young he’s big and he’s available. We need him bad. Because if we get him u can rest a sure we win the next three championships. But it’s hard to convince u heat fans because u still think this is Dwade team refuse to admit this is lebrons team. But u heat fans might as we’ll be pacers fans because the pacers damn sure don’t want to see Bynum on the heat squad because they no unlike u idiots that all that great playing and being in first place means nothing. And even with wat they been doing the heat is still the team to beat because of the king. He’s on that team and as long as he is healthy they no what’s up.

  • Badz


    • David

      Vincent who? I agree Bynum would be great for the Heat! Yes his head is big, but so is his body. Plus he doesn’t mind pounding it out down low. Don’t worry about his attitude the Heat has enough vets to put him in his place. You all forget the King is there and trust me when he has to he knows how to put people in check. Don’t let the smooth moves and the smile fool you. Add Bynum and the Heat will be adding another Championship title to their legacy.