Saturday 25th February 2017,
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Watch: Shaq Amps Up His Twitter Beef With Kendrick Perkins

While most of us would kill just to play in the NBA just for one game, former NBA stars and current TNT analysts Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, and Kenny Smith have taken things to another level living the dream on Inside the NBa.

Not only did they log thousands of minutes on the NBA hardwood and make millions, but upon their retirement from the game, they now get paid handsomely to constantly rip on each other, lift weights with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and have 3 point contests in the studio instead of breaking down the latest game.

My personal all time favorites have to be the Shaq vs Barkley shirt off and when the entire crew poked fun at Lebron’s receding hairline for the entire hour.

In case you missed it, OKC Thunder big man Kendrick Perkins recently tweeted that he thinks Shaq talks too much about himself.

As you can imagine, the future Hall of Fame center took to the TNT airwaves to get his revenge, poking fun at Perkins monsterous stat-line of 4 points and 5 boards.

As a bonus, the crew then gets Barkley riled up with talk of his beef with ESPN’s Skip Bayless.  Sir Charles boasts that ESPN would have to do a DNA test on the remains if he was allowed in the same room with Bayless….

Shaq Disses Kendick Perkins On Inside the NBA:

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Watch NOW:


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  • lmw

    This trio of Shaq, Barkley and K.Smith is a disgrace.

    They behave like 3 small kids constantly laughing, sometimes for no apparent reason. They should work for Sesame Street…..
    Bring real analysts!

    Shaq is the worst of them with his mumbling in monotone all the time. Disastrous!!

    K.Smith is so full of himself, obnoxious guy who often interrupts the others as he believes that he knows it best.
    Barkley could stay as he is witty, entertaining and a good analyst most of the time.