Monday 22nd January 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Pacers Coach Frank Vogel Pretty Much Admits He Mismanaged Roy Hibbert

By now, you’ve seen how last night’s Indiana Pacers – Miami Heat game ended. On the final two possessions for Miami, in a one possession game, Pacers coach Frank Vogel removed 7’2″ shot-blocker, Roy Hibbert from the game for matchup purposes. And on those two possessions, LeBron James finished at the rim. One of which, was the game winner.

Vogel had just about everyone questioning his decision making (except Charles Barkley, who doesn’t always like to acknowledge when he’s wrong) including Steve Kerr and Reggie Miller during the telecast. Removing Hibbert at that juncture of the game appeared to be the exact opposite of what mad sense.

Vogel’s decision was a head-scratcher to say the least, but it appears as if he is aware of that now. Hindsight is 20/20 and it sounds like he knows he made a mistake.

As we found out after the game, he made the move because he didn’t want Chris Bosh to pull Hibbert away from the basket by spreading the floor. So you take him out of the game all together? Sounds contradictory. To make it worse, Vogel just saw LeBron score rather easily on the prior possession. In my opinion, this loss is squarely on Vogel’s shoulders.

Following the game, he made the following statement regarding how he managed Hibbert, according to TNT’s Rachel Nichols: “I would say we’ll probably have him in next time.”

You think?

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    As i’ve already said, one who doesn’t learn from his mistake is condemned to repeat it. Vogel made a huge mistake; he didn’t learn from it; he repeated it. Both mistakes in a span of ten seconds!

    How does the Pacers’ management feel now about Vogel’s coaching ability?

    • hookedonnews

      I’m pretty sure they realize that they have a great coach. One mistake doesn’t negate the fact that the Pacers had a great game plan and lost on the last play when the MVP of the league made a great play. I doubt that Vogel will make that mistake again.

  • SneakyJimmy

    How do you not have Hibbert on the guy in bounding the ball at least. Make them throw a difficult pass and it kills the clock. as it was it looked like you had maniquins playing defense.

  • hookedonnews

    I agree that taking Hibbert out was a mistake, but this overlooks the poor defense of Paul George on that last play. Making LeBron take a jump shot or even fouling him would have been better than what was done. The Pacers played nose-to-nose with the Heat the whole game. Vogel obviously deserves some credit for that. I’m not going to crucify a coach for a bad decision when his team was one play away from beating the World Champions on their home court.