Monday 16th October 2017,
The Hoop Doctors

Kevin Garnett May Need to Undergo Ankle Surgery

Sure, Kevin Garnett has slowed down but he’s still a lot better than many younger bigs in the league today. Last summer, there was speculation as to whether or not KG would retire. Then Celtics GM Danny Ainge signed him to a 3-year deal valued at north of $30M and that put the uncertainty to bed.

This this year, KG was banged up. He missed games due to injury and wasn’t his old self down the stretch. He may also need to have ankle surgery this offseason. Would this be enough to cause him to hang it up? If so, he’d be leaving a lot of money on the table (not that he needs it of course).

Team sources said KG might undergo offseason surgery to shave down the bone spurs in his ankles, an operation that is not viewed as a major procedure. Two of his teammates privately speculated he is considering retirement.

“I have no clue,” Doc admitted. “I was positive last year [he was coming back]. I’m not as sure this year.”

The spirited finish of Game 6 might lead some to become sentimental about keeping the veterans intact next season, but the reality is more closely aligned with what happened through three quarters that left them down by as much as 26 points.


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