Monday 16th October 2017,
The Hoop Doctors

Watch: Lebron’s Handshake With Towel Boy (GIF)

Lebron James is currently on top of the world. He’s the best player on the defending champion Miami Heat, arguably the best player in the NBA as he awaits his next MVP award, and his team is positioned a top the leaderboard to make another championship push. Life is good.

In fact his joy is basically seeping out of his pores. Check out this awesome handshake he shares last night with a ball and towel boy as the Heat hosted and beat the Bucks for their 61st win on the season.

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  • haha. im a hawks fan but i like lebron. he crazy

  • Cristina Santeiro

    Lebron is the best in every way!

  • Anklesnap

    I love when players do this kind of thing. That kid will remember that sort of thing for a lifetime.