Tuesday 22nd May 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

The 2013 H-Town Sneaker Summit Kicks Off During All-Star Weekend

I’m old enough to remember when the H-Town Sneaker first got started and their first mySpace flyers went live with a random girl on the cover in a pair of sneakers from whoever was the main sponsor of the event (shouts to you 2008). It was still rough around the edges as an event back then, but fast-forward to 2013 and those days are long over.

Throughout the years this annual sneaker show (with the really long name) down in Houston was has gotten progressively better. With NBA All-Star Weekend going on at the same time as their winter show you know its going to be a great turnout.  Those in the Texas area should make plans to stop in before the All-Star Game later on that night.

The H-Town Sneaker Summit has become one of the biggest sneaker-related events every year and has become notorious for surprises so for all those who plan on being in attendance, keep your eyes open.

Tickets can be bought straight from the H-Town Sneaker Summit homepage.

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