Monday 18th December 2017,
The Hoop Doctors

Lakers’ Pau Gasol Out At Least 6 Weeks

According to a tweet from CBS Sports Pau Gasol is out at least six weeks with a partial tear of his plantar fascia in his foot. If the Lakers were planning to trade the big fella before the trade deadline, this can’t be good for negotiations. Unless of course being on the injured list is part and parcel with negotiating his departure…

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  • Marty Susman

    Pau has played his last game as a Laker. Mike the so called coach got his way, he didn’t like Pau, he put him on the bench, now Pau is out hurt & his trade value thanks to coach mike is really in the trash can… Great job Lakers, show the world how to screw up a great team in one year….

  • Marty Susman

    I am not an NBA expert BUT I would be willing to bet that never in the history of the sport has one team been so drastically screwed up as the Lakers have this season & never in the history of the game has one owner so helped it along… Jim Buss has just shown the basketball world how totally inept he truly is….