Saturday 23rd June 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Kobe’s Tweet At Mark Cuban After Win Over Dallas Last Night

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers have been the subject of more than their fair share of NBA conversation this season. But I never thought I’d see the day where someone would suggest the Lakers should simply waive Kobe Bryant under the amnesty clause, with nothing in return, to improve the team’s long term future . That is exactly what Mark Cuban suggested a couple days ago heading into last nights Lakers-Mavericks game. Apparently Kobe was listening. After Kobe’s fantastic performance last night to down Cuban’s Mavs, he tweeted this:

Further to the tweet, after the game Kobe Bryant told reporters:

“I’m sure if (Cuban) wants to amnesty Dirk (Nowitzki), that’s something we’ll be willing to entertain,”

Mark Cuban must be following Kobe Bryant’s twitter account because he had this to say this morning on twitter:

“Nice to know there is a least one team and their players, outside of the Mavs, that listen to everything I say,”

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