Friday 22nd June 2018,
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Kobe’s Latest Technical Foul Rescinded by NBA

During Monday’s loss to the Nuggets, Kobe Bryant picked up another technical foul. This happened right at the end of the second quarter. That was Kobe’s 14th tech and as you know, guys are suspended once they reach 16.

Yesterday, the NBA rescinded that technical, so now he’s back to 13 and has some more breathing room. He’s now afforded two more blow-ups before having to sit a game.

But of course, that count resets should the Lakers make the playoffs.

The NBA rescinded Kobe Bryant’s technical foul from Monday’s game against Denver, giving him slightly more wiggle room in avoiding a suspension.

Bryant now has 13 technical fouls this season; if he were to get to 16, he’d be suspended one game.

Bryant was hit with his latest technical after missing a half-court heave to end the second quarter Monday in the Lakers’ 119-108 loss.

Bryant claimed it should have been rescinded, adding that he even spoke to referee Joe Crawford about it before the third quarter began.

“Joe didn’t know what was going on. Me and a ref were having just a simple conversation and he kind of jumped the gun,” Bryant said Monday.

H/T: LA Times

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