Thursday 19th April 2018,
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NBA Fines Mark Cuban $50,000 For Criticizing Officials

Mark Cuban has an endless supply of money, so he probably doesn’t care whenever he’s fined by the NBA. The League just fined Cuban $50,000 for criticizing officials last week. Since he has been owner of the Mavs, Cuban has been fined for more than $1 million dollars.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been fined $50,000 by the NBA for publicly criticizing the officiating.

Cuban, who has been fined more than $1.5 million by the league during his 13 years owning the Mavs, expressed his frustration with the officiating on his Twitter page following the Mavericks’ 99-96 overtime loss to New Orleans on Saturday.

Cuban apologized to fans in the tweet, saying that he’s “tried for 13 (years) to fix the officiating in this league and I have failed miserably” and asking for their suggestions

H/T: NBC sports

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