Thursday 24th May 2018,
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Kings Must Not Trade DeMarcus Cousins to Celtics

The Sacramento Kings continue to baffle the masses.

As is the case with every season, the Kings entered the 2012-13 crusade hoping for a fresh start. Instead, they’ve picked up right where they’ve continuously been leaving off—losing.

Sacramento has become the poster-team for failure. From ongoing bouts with regards to relocation, to poor personnel decisions, to just playing crappy basketball, this team is horrible.

And it may get worse.

According to the NBA on NBC, Boston Celtics general manager was apparently working on a deal to land Cousins as soon as Sunday night.


Of course you are.

Just when we believe the Kings have hit rock-bottom, they’re linked to something as ridiculous as this. Yet they’re the Kings, so we are inclined to believe it.

That said, per Alex Kennedy over at HOOPSWORLD, Sacramento isn’t biting on what Ainge and the Celtics are offering:

Rather than give this group more time together, several league sources believe that Ainge wants to make a change. Boston may be looking to cash in some of their assets and make a blockbuster trade, according to several league sources. This could be why the team decided to open two roster spots yesterday, waiving Jarvis Varnado and Kris Joseph. The Celtics have been working the phones recently and weighing their trade options.

“They plan on making a move and they just created roster space for a trade,” said one league source.

One team that the Celtics have been in contact with is the Sacramento Kings. Boston has expressed significant interest in DeMarcus Cousins and would like to put together a package for him. Ainge seems willing to part with some combination of his recent acquisitions and draft picks. He doesn’t want to move Rondo, Pierce, Garnett or Avery Bradley, according to sources close to the situation.

However, the Kings continue to insist that they’re not interested in moving Cousins.

We really can’t tell who to believe in this matter. On the one hand, the Kings are the type of franchise to make a mistake like this. On the other, are they really that stupid?

Boston isn’t willing to move any of its prized possessions. Not Rajon Rondo, not Kevin Garnett, not Paul Pierce and not even Avery Bradley. Is Sacramento just supposed to accept that?

Absolutely not.

If the Kings do wind up trading Cousins, it needs to be for a star or a potential star. He’s still on his rookie deal, so his salary will be tough to match up against a current one, yet Sacramento—in all its inept glory—have plenty of bloated contracts to force on teams to make a blockbuster deal work.

But this isn’t a blockbuster deal. Not for the Kings.

No, Sacramento would be getting screwed in this accord, there’s no other way to put it. Players like Courtney Lee, Brandon Bass and even Fab Melo are promising, but combined they don’t even match the potential of Cousins.

So once again, is this a joke?

If we are to believe Sam Amick of USA Today, it is.

And if you’re a Kings fan, or anyone who appreciates justifiable logic, you want to believe Amick; you want to believe that the Kings aren’t about to ship off their most prized possession in favor of some spare parts.


Because not pulling the trigger on such a deal is so unlike the Kings.

And right now, no team in the NBA needs to be less like the Kings than the Kings themselves.

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