Monday 18th June 2018,
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Fan Who Hit Half-Court Shot To Pay $22k In Taxes

When Michael Drysch, a computer technician by trade, hit a half-court shot during the intermission of a Heat/Pistons game, there was elation. By now, the sight of the 50 year old getting tackle-hugged by an excited LeBron James has gone viral. That hook shot helped Drysch to $75,000, part of which would also be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Except he didn’t leave with a $75,00 check.

Drysch was interviewed on NBA TV, seated next to the league’s reigning MVP. When asked what he would do the money he’d just won, Drysch betrayed a realization anyone who’s ever gotten paid for a job has had: “Give the government half.”

Though obviously an exaggeration, it’s not quite so far from the truth.

Drysch’s check totalled to $56,250. ESPN’s Darren Rovell breaks it down:

“Drysch’s prize is a lump sum based on that $75,000 number, but IRS regulations stipulate that 25 percent of the prize must be withheld for federal income tax.

That leaves Drysch with a check of $56,250.

Then consider the fact that he is a resident of Illinois, which will take out a 5 percent state tax on the prize, regardless of income. His winnings now are $52,770.”


Mohamed Abdihakim is a journalism student at Florida Atlantic University. He is a Phoenix Suns fan, who is not prepared for the possibility of Nash winning a title in a Lakers jersey. Mohamed is also an editor at Hoops Nation and contributes to Les Snobs. Interests include International basketball, Mad Men, and blues music. Nearly all stats are credited to Hoopdata or Basketball-Reference.

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