Monday 21st May 2018,
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Dwyane Wade Has A Box Full Of His Li-Ning Way Of Wade Sneakers

Since it was announced that Dwyane Wade would be forming a partnership with Li-Ning to launch the Way of Wade line, people wanted to see the sneaker.

Pictured above is Dwyane Wade with associate Nile Patrick and two big boxes of different pairs of the Way of Wade, the first WADE Brand sneaker that Dwyane has been wearing since the official announcement of the Li-Ning partnership.  During our interview with Dwyane Wade, he stated that we would see the Way of Wade in a punch of different colors & materials, something that someone paying attention to Miami Heat games this season could already attest to; even before the All-Star break.  In the picture alone there are multiple different colorways seen along with two different height cuts.

There is a good amount of people who have never even heard of Li-Ning, so the Way of Wade will be the first impression of the company for most stateside consumers.  Still no official word on whether Dwyane Wade’s sneakers will be sold in the popular retailers over here, but we do know at least those around the American Airlines Arena in Miami will be able to buy their pair in person due to the partnership Li-Ning recently made with the Miami Heat to advertise & sell merchandise inside the venue.

Look out for release info on the Li-Ning Way of Wade basketball sneaker during All-Star Weekend in February.

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