Saturday 23rd June 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Dwight Howard Assists Nuggets Game Winning Dagger

Finally Dwight Howard shows up to play for the Lakers last night. He put up a huge 26 boards and show 6 for 7, good for 14 points. The question for the Lakers becomes, how do you tell Kobe Bryant he shoots too much as he launches 25-35 shots a night at much lower percentage than many of his teammates are shooting. Not an easy subject to broach with the Black Mamba. That said, Dwight affected the game last night in other ways, such as blocking shots. Unfortunately for Dwight Howard, one of his blocks in the closing seconds of the 4th quarter on Andre Miller, assisted Nuggets Danilo Gallinari for a game clinching three pointer to kill the Lakers chances.

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