Thursday 21st June 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Byron Scott Wants Kyrie to Work Out With Chris Paul

Even though he’s only in his second season, Kyrie Irving may be in the conversation for the best PG in the game. He’s silky smooth with the ball and has already proven to be clutch.

His coach, Byron Scott wants Irving to capitalize on his talents by working out with the very best: Chris Paul. Let’s just see if Paul can fit him in.

Chris Paul is held as the gold standard in this league when it comes to the point guard position. His work ethic, skill, the way he’s so proficient at everything. But even then, I really believe Kyrie has a chance to be the best point guard in the league in the next, really, four to five years. Do you agree?

Byron Scott, head coach, Cleveland Cavaliers: “I think it is. I think one thing that he needs to do this summer is call Chris Paul and work out with him.”

H/T:  CBSsports

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