Saturday 13th February 2016,
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20 Questions With Playboy Model And Lakers Fan Krystle Lina

  • As a basketball fan, how would you describe your perfect woman? Might it be a girl that’s an NBA basketball fan, and just so happens to have the gorgeous face and attractive body of a Playboy model? Well if so, look no further than Playboy Model, Photographer, and most importantly, die-hard Lakers fan Krystle Lina.

    The Hoop Doctors correspondent Kevin Burke had a chance to sit down with Krystle this week and chat about, um, basketball. Oh, and of course we have some photos of the lovely lady for you to peruse as you follow along with the conversation. Try to stay focused fellas.

    If you want more information about Krystle, or to reach out to her regarding modeling or photography, please visit her official site.

  • THD: So, how does a model become a big Laker fan?

    KL: I’ve always been a Laker Fan, I’m from LA, so its just something you grow up with. It’s all around you, so it’s pretty hard not to get caught up in all the hype. I mean c’mon, the whole Shaq and Kobe generation, if you were living in LA and weren’t a fan, we’d have to check you for a pulse.

  • THD: Did you ever want to be a “Laker girl” growing up?

    KL: Yes, I think that’s every LA girl’s dream. Especially those wanting to be in the spotlight or entertainment business. To be honest, I’m not sure why I didn’t pursue it more. Things in my career path just never went that way.

  • THD: Were you in favor of the Mike Brown hire last year?

    KL: No, but I was in favor of his fire. ;-)

  • THD: What was your take on the acquisitions of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard?

    KL: They were great acquisitions, they traded Andrew Bynum who was probably not even going to play a game this year for Dwight Howard who is one of the best centers in the NBA. I know people are still unsure of the moves given the Lakers current struggles this season, but it takes time to build chemistry, and I’m sure the Lakers will be there in the end. Or at least I hope so.

  • THD: Do you miss Andrew Bynum?

    KL: No, he never really seemed like he cared about winning or not, so he didn’t deserve to be a Laker. To be honest he never really lived up to the hype.

  • THD: Did you agree with getting rid of Mike Brown after only 5 games?

    KL: I always feel if its going to happen anyways, better to do it now, than wait any longer before things get worse. That said, so far it hasn’t been much better under D’Antoni.

  • THD: Do you think Kobe had something to do with Brown’s removal?

    KL: Um yeah, didn’t you see the Kobe death stare? (laugh) Don’t mess with the Black Mamba getting wins.

  • THD: What was your reaction in learning Mike D’Antoni, not Phil Jackson was the new Laker coach?

    KL: I think D’ Antoni was a good choice given his past relationship with Steve Nash and his italian ties with Kobe, but I can’t possibly see how they wouldn’t have hired Phil Jackson back. I think he earned that right.

  • THD: Do you get out to many Laker games at Staples?

    KL: I have a pretty busy schedule, but I get out to games from time to time. I always try and watch the games wherever I happen to be if I have access to a TV.

  • THD: Did you play basketball growing up?

    KL: No, not at all

  • THD: Who is your favorite player in the league?

    KL: Steve Nash. He’s still got it. I think so far Kobe and MWP are still holding the ball a bit too much and trying to figure out how to play off him. If the Lakers let him dominate the ball a little more like he did in Phoenix they will all reap the rewards.

  • THD:Since you’re an actress, you probably know that Metta World Peace had tried his hand at acting. What do you think of his skills?

    KL: He’s actually better than a lot of other athletes that I’ve seen, especially for his first time he did a good job. :)

  • THD: Are you into the WNBA at all?

    KL: Not at all.

    THD: Even the LA Sparks

    KL: Nope, just doesn’t do it for me.

  • THD: What do you consider to be the biggest accomplishment in your career so far?

    KL: Crossing over from working in front of the camera to working behind the camera, I’m a published Playboy and Maxim model who is also published as a photographer in Maxim, but now I also shoot girls for The Playboy Morning Show on Sirius XM and Playboy TV.

  • THD: Is there anything in entertainment you haven’t done that you’d like to?

    KL: Interview the LA Lakers of course! I’d love to meet the players and talk hoops!

  • THD: Do you think you could’ve played sports professionally?

    KL: No way! I have a lot of respect for the preparation these guys go through to hone their skills and bodies to be able to do what they do on the court.

  • THD: What do you do in your spare time?

    KL: I enjoy time with my family and friends. I’m big on hiking, camping, and going to the shooting range. :)

    THD: Wow, so you’re an outdoorsy type. That’s very cool. And good with guns.

    KL: I try

  • THD: What’s a fun fact about you that most aren’t aware of?

    KL: I am huge fan of dessert and I eat it every single day!

  • THD: How do you feel about people saying the Clippers are the best team in L.A. right now?

    KL: I know the Clippers are obviously getting a lot more wins than the Lakers right now, but you’re talking to a Lakers fan here. So, the Clippers suck and will always suck!

  • THD: As we don’t want to take up too much of your time, I’ll ask just one final but very important question for every Laker fan. Will the Lakers win the championship?

    KL: They better! I think if they can find a way to gel, get healthy, and share the ball, they are going to be a tough out in the playoffs. The problem is they need to make it there first.

    THD: Thanks so much for your time Krystle, we hope to see you in front of the camera again soon, and I’m sure we will all enjoy your photography skills with or without knowing it.

    KL: My pleasure!




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