Monday 21st May 2018,
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Video: T-Mac Elbows Player In China For Giving Finger Wag

In case you missed it, former NBA scoring champion and 15 year Association veteran Tracy McGrady has taken his talents halfway around the globe to play in China.

While back in the states we mostly remember T-Mac for a few spectacular years as one of the best players in the league (prior to all the injuries), fans in China have been treating him like God upon arriving in Red Nation.

Even though his team is still win-less, McGrady has been tearing it up to the tune of 30 ppg overseas.

In a battle of Chinese Basketball League supertars, T-Mac’s squad took on Stephon Marbury’s defending champion Ducks squad and as expected, Marbury’s squad demolished their opponents, winning by double digits, despite McGrady’s 37 points.

But the real story was a key moment late, as a Ducks player decided to try and get into McGrady’s head by giving T-Mac the famous Mutombo finger wag after nailing a 3 pointer.

T-Mac apparently didn’t appreciate the taunting as he gave the Ducks player a good old fashioned American forearm shiver to the chest on the return trip up the floor.  Amazingly, McGrady wasn’t ejected.  Apparently ‘stars’ gets special treatment in China?

T-Mac Elbows Player In China:

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