Thursday 24th May 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Video: Fan Dunks Over Nuggets Mascot Without Trampoline

Everyone enjoys the halftime entertainment during basketball games when some entertainer either spins plates, shoots t-shirts into the audience, or the mascot dunks off of a trampoline.

Well some unsuspecting fan turned the tables recently on the Denver Nuggets mascot when asked to participate in his latest trampoline dunk session.  After the mascot got the spectator to hold the ball up high and “assist” in his high flying act, the random fan decided to also try dunking.

Little did the mascot, or the fans in attendance, know that the rather random fan wasn’t random at all, but rather highlight reel dunker Young Hollywood of Team Flight Brothers and Sprite Dunk Contest fame.

Also known as Haneef, the up-and-coming dunker is widely considered one of the world’s best dunkers as evidence of his recent never before done “Armageddon dunk” where he finishes off a double-up and dunks a 2nd ball simultaneously.

Young Hollywood then used the mascot to assist him doing a rather difficult double-up dunk leaping clear over his helper without the aid of a trampoline…

Fan Dunks Over Nuggets Mascot:

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