Wednesday 24th January 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

NBA Issues First Flopping Warnings of Season to Barea and Sloan

It was only a matter of time that someone would be the ‘first’ to fall victim to the new NBA flopping rules. After reviewing the film, the league has issued two “official warnings” to Wolves J.J. Barea, and Cavaliers Donald Sloan for their respective flops last Friday. After receiving a flopping warning your next offense then becomes a fine of $5000. Each subsequent offense the fine increases significantly, and after a few the league can even decide to suspend you from play. No wonder the players union is filing a grievance with the league about the fines.

There has been a lot of debate not only about the new rule, but also about which players would be the most frequently fined under this new rule. Check out the incidents which got the NBA’s attention first.

Wolves J.J. Barea throws his head back violently after a ghost slap from Kings sophomore Jimmer Fredette:

Cavaliers Donald Sloan throws his body around wildly after bumping into Mohammed and Hinrich:

If it were up to us we would probably agree about Sloan’s flop, but not so sure Barea deserved a warning on that. Definitely a flop, but certainly not the worst flop we’ve ever seen. Well what do you think? Deserving of the warnings?

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  • Cris Adonis

    Stupid rule. That’s a natural reaction if you felt deliberately bump or hurt. So after being swipe, you dont react and try to avoid further contact? Its momentum working here. Lousy call.

    • Anklesnap

      Agree for the Barea call for sure. The Sloan bump though he does flail a bit much. Definitely some selling going on there.

  • They both flopped, period. Fine ’em, and if you have a problem with the new rule, then you simply haven’t been watching NBA basketball the past few seasons.

    • Anklesnap

      Totally agree that the rule is necessary. However, since it is a subjective rule, it is going to be interesting to see if they can achieve consistency in their rulings.

      • “Subjective rulings” really aren’t all that scary when there’s an legitimate appeals process and players union in place. Further, I’d rather have the league make those rulings than stopping the game for a ref to review tape and make a call on it.

        • Anklesnap

          Agree certainly don’t want refs holding up the games. That said if they aren’t consistent in their rulings it will only feed the conspiracy theororists. That’s why it’s good they have multiple levels of fines before suspension. Wouldn’t want these rulings affecting game outcomes. Let the players play type mentality.

        • Yeah, guess I really don’t see it all that different from techs, and I abhor flopping.

  • Barea shouldnt have gotten the warning. Sloan on the other hand… Lol flop central right there

  • tu_ne_cede_malis

    I think this new rule risks being a farce. These two plays had definite contact so who is going to say who flopped and who didn’t. I think the NBA needs to only warn and fine on flops without any contact, or without significant contact.

    • It’s not that complicated. A flop is a flop.

      • tu_ne_cede_malis

        No. This is a flop:

        These are flops:

        When you get hit in the chest or hipchecked like Sloan those are legitimate contact plays occurring where a call should be made.

        • So you actually watched the relevant videos on the original post and you didn’t think that was flopping? Wow. Yes, there’s contact but that’s completely beside the point of whether the guy played it up to sell a call to the ref, i.e. flopped.

        • tu_ne_cede_malis

          Yes. I can give you a written play by play if you PayPal me $5.

        • I’d just urge you to keep watching tape then. I personally don’t find it that hard to recognize a flop.

  • I like the new rules, “Acting skills should not be allowed on the court.” If there is contact, there better be blood, to avoid a FLOPPING tag.

  • Tom Rogers

    I’m glad to see this new rule even though there may be issues with judgement calls. I think Barrea’s might have been iffy, but I don’t care as long as it is sending a message to all the players that they don’t want the NBA to look like European soccer. I am excited about this new rule, in fact I just wish they could make it retroactive just to embarrass some of the great floppers over the last few years.

    • Yeah that retroactive rule would make for some interesting fines. Who do you think have been the biggest floppers over the past few years. Varejao, Griffin, Ginobili, Lebron, who else?