Saturday 23rd June 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Lebron James’ 8-Yr Old Son Hits Trick Shot From Balcony

It probably shouldn’t be all that surprising if Lebron James’ son ‘Lebron Jr’ ends up having some game on the hardwood as he grows up. Although nothing is a given, he certainly will have the pedigree and certainly have all the opportunities that being Lebron James’ son can afford. But you still have to be a bit surprised seeing Lebron Jr. going all Kyle Singler with a YouTube trick shot video. Dude Perfect, look out, you have some competition.

BTW – Is it just me with my overprotective Dad coming out, or was anyone else thinking an 8-year old launching his body towards the railing of that balcony was an accident waiting to happen. It’s no Michael Jackson hanging baby, but it’s not that far off either…

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