Friday 20th April 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Drew Gooden Gives Tickets Away To Fan Who Put Bulls Jersey in Toilet

My guess is Drew Gooden doesn’t have the most fond memories of his time in Chicago. Nor does he have positive feelings towards the Chicago Bulls organization. Either that or he just has some weird fetish with toilets and basketball jersey’s.

Yesterday afternoon Drew Gooden told his followers on twitter that the first one who could send him a picture of a Chicago Bulls jersey in a toilet would get his tickets to last night’s Bulls/Bucks game. Here is the tweet:

He received the following picture from a fan named Zack Krupp who put a Hinrich jersey in the can:

Drew Gooden, made good on his word to Zack and sent him the tickets with the following proof to the twittersphere:

And of course, Zack enjoyed the game. Although living in Chicago he may not have enjoyed the massive Bucks comeback to overcome a 27 point deficit and steal the win. Plus he can never wear that Bulls jersey again with good conscience.

Gooden is a winner yesterday all around. He convinced a Bulls fan to sell his soul, collected a picture of Hinrich’s jersey in the crapper, and got the big win. Good stuff Mr. Gooden. Bright side for Mr. Krupp is his toilet is now famous:

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