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The Ultimate Listing of Hot NBA Wives and Girlfriends

Anklesnap October 17, 2012 Cheerleaders, Offbeat 15 Comments


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  • khan

    so sexy

  • Theo

    This girl’s name is Jessica Lucas. Brittany Richardson is a very pretty girl, but this is not a picture of her, lol.

  • fumj

    MJ got stuck with a hag hahahah biotch thats karma ya arrogant cunt

    • Tony T. Tony

      You’re certainly joking….. RIGHT?? MJ has the most gorgeous woman in the entire bunch- hands down. She is a 15 on a 1-10 scale. There were a few really ugly looking women on this list- I was quite surprised to see them.

      • Miguel Luna

        Yeah hand down to Yvette prieto I think it is, she’s gorgeous , MJ probably has the best one of the whole list!

        Fumj must be gay or something…

  • Van Basten

    Oh lord! Gabrielle Union and Wade go great together. These chicks are gorgeous. Carmelo is a lucky guy getting Lala.

  • Tony T. Tony

    WOW!! MJ, Omer Asik and Jason Kidd are fricken lucky!!

    • Anklesnap

      Don’t forget Landry fields

  • gecerken ugradim

    Jason Kidd like a playboy

  • kumar


  • Alex Marlatt

    Damn…didn’t know Dwight dated so many babes…

  • quaid oralious

    Yvette Prieto is pretty weak sauce in the looks dept, but prob nice… now May Anders is jaw dropping. if you dont like it… go take a long walk off a short pier

  • hardwhite12

    yeah…that brittany richardson is wrong…

  • fappal

    Wow, they’re pretty, sexy and hot! This is the advantage of being a basketball player.

  • Vlirisika


    here you looking also Hot NBA Wives and Girlfriends she also has looking very hot looking style.