Thursday 24th May 2018,
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Roy Williams Isn’t Playing Around in Recruiting Julius Randle

Julius Randle, the number one high school PF in the country, has been provoking his fair share of scholarship offers. So far, Randle is keeping his options open. All we can really tell is that there’s a list and it has the names of a few schools, including (allegedly) Oklahoma State University, Florida, Kentucky, UNC, and a host of others.

Measuring in at 6’9″ and 225 lbs, Randle is a handful on the court. He boasts an explosiveness that sometimes catches you by surprise, considering how agile and nimble he seems.

With all of that talent comes high profile attention.

Particularly, Kentucky’s John Calipari and UNC’s Roy Williams have played host to the young man out of Prestonwood Christian in Plano, TX.

Calipari attempts to impress Randle by pulling out the championship ring that Kentucky won last year. Not a bad play. Only thing is that it pales in comparison to a move by Roy Williams:

“The effect that the one National Championship ring had on Randle in front of Coach Cal was amplified with the case of 30 rings sitting in the hands of Roy Williams.”

Via Wild Cat Blue Nation blog

That’s right, wily old Roy pulled out a case of 30 rings. It was 31 if you count the NBA championship ring sent to coach Williams by Michael Jordan. This had quite the impression on Randle:

“When coach Williams opened the case you almost couldn’t look directly in it for fear of going blind. It was crazy.

“He said Jordan gave [the rng] to him to show his players what they could achieve with hard work and determination. I was just shocked. I couldn’t believe I was holding Jordan’s ring.”

Let the recruiting madness commence.

H/T to Wildcat Blue Nation.

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