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NBA Schedule Release: 10 Random Games of the Upcoming Season

Yesterday the NBA released its 2012 regular season schedule. This is a pretty freaking great day, as it sets up what you’ll be doing on such holidays as Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. It’s always good to plan ahead. By now, you probably already know that the Miami Heat, and South Beach’s newest talent, Ray Allen, will host the Boston Celtics while hoisting their world championship banner on October 30th. You probably know that the battle for New York commences on November 1st when the Knicks roll into Brooklyn to face the Nets, too.

All over the internets, you can find top ten lists of upcoming games to circle now and watch later. And they’re all super-awesome games between the best and brightest because those are the ones we look forward to most. But they’re also all sort of the same. This is why I’m going to randomly select ten games from the upcoming season to look forward to, because every game should be loved and appreciated.

1. New Orleans Hornets at Los Angeles Clippers – Wed., Dec. 19, 2012.
Eric Gordon faces his old team, and Anthony Davis faces the franchise that likely would’ve had the chance to draft him only a couple of short years ago.

2. Detroit Pistons at Golden State Warriors – Wed., March 13, 2013.
A classic inter-conference rivalry. For the true League Pass Broadband devotees, this one’s live streaming feed will come courtesy of the guy in the stands with a fully-juiced iPhone.

3. Boston Celtics at Houston Rockets – Fri., Dec. 14, 2012.
The green of the Celtics uniforms mixed with the all red everything of Houston’s home court will get everyone into a festive mood as Christmas nears. A scheduling genius.

4. Oklahoma City Thunder at Washington Wizards – Mon., Jan. 7, 2013.
Kevin Durant back in his neck of the woods against these new Wizards interested in their reputation and such. I’d watch this one.

5. Portland Trailblazers at Milwaukee Bucks – Tues., March 19, 2013.
The Bucks might resemble one of those fun yet flawed West Coast teams that everyone not on Pacific time loves staying up late to watch this year. So if you watch a game like this and then one on the West Coast, it’s like double bang for the buck or something.

6. Cleveland Cavaliers at Indiana Pacers – Tues., April 9, 2013.
A possible Eastern Conference playoff match-up, perhaps? More likely they’ll be battling for a postseason bid, but either way, what else could you possibly be doing on Tuesday, April 9th? Come on.

7. Toronto Raptors at Denver Nuggets – Mon., Dec. 3, 2012.
Tensions will run high for the Linas Kleiza Bowl!

8. Utah Jazz at Chicago Bulls – Fri., March 8, 2013.
They used to play in the Finals a lot together. This one will feel the same, except with less everything. Hopefully Derrick Rose is back by this time, though.

9. Sacramento Kings at Phoenix Suns – Thurs., March 28, 2013.
Weird team battle! This singular game, this match-up, right here, is the one and only reason League Pass Broadband was invented. Also, every Minnesota Timberwolves game this season.

10. Brooklyn Nets at Atlanta Hawks – Wed., Jan. 16, 2013.
Loser has to gut their entire roster only to have Dwight Howard change his mind at the last minute and decide on the other team.

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