Wednesday 22nd November 2017,
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Denis Rodman Sentenced in Family Court

Dennis Rodman has been tied up in a nasty court case for months now over his alleged failure to make child support payments. He apparently owes over $800,000 in missed payments. After the case got off to a rocky start due to a couple failed appearances by Rodman, a presiding judge has handed out 104 hours of community service to Rodman on four of the counts of failure to pay child support. Here is what the judge said to Rodman when handing down the sentence:

“My suggestion is to use your talents as a motivator, as a fine, fine athlete and as a fine person to assist others in need,” Michaelson told the retired basketball player.

The court hearing remained under way at late morning on other issues in the case. Rodman was present.

Mary Ann Noiroux, an attorney for Rodman’s ex-wife Michelle, said in an earlier interview that Rodman could also be ordered to pay more than $800,000 in back child support.

Noiroux said Rodman also faces additional contempt charges for other missed payments, and another conviction could land him in jail. [via]

So far so good for Rodman, who has yet landed in jail because of the case, and has yet to be ordered by the court to pay the $800,000 in missed payments his ex-wife Michelle is claiming she is still owed. But Rodman is not out of the woods just yet as he is still facing more charges for missed payments and contempt of court on previous spousal agreements.

Stay tuned.

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  • robotchicken57

    When will these guys LEARN that they are being used by women that know the court system Before they ever get involved with them that they are just a ‘FOOL TOOL’ for a legal  baby factory to use to their ends to a lazy life at the expense of children? Now that should be illegal!! If that isn’t SLAVERY I don’t know what is!!

    • Tjscott87

       Of course, our ignorant society does nothing to stop these money grubbing hoes. There’s no reason that he should be paying her more than 40k a year. That’s more than enough to live off of if she gets off her rear and gets a job.

  • Butcher99

    This is not some bimbo he picked up.  This was a woman he married.  She gets half.  He has to pay.  pretty much end of story.   She was there when he made the money and he was there when they made the kids.   They both were there when custody and payments were made.  He has a legal and moral reason to have to pay.  Pay up loser. 

  • Chris Smith

    I met Denis last year at a burger joint called “Heavy Burger” here in Miami, he actually came up to me and my girl and told me to check his girl out lol. 

    He then told his girl to spin around next to me so I could take a look at her ass hahaha.

    Hes a funny dude