Sunday 24th June 2018,
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Durant on Skip Bayless: “That Guy Doesn’t Know a Thing About Basketball”

In case you haven’t noticed, ESPN’s Skip Bayless doesn’t hold his tongue. Even if he gets under your skin, you almost have to admire his passion. He is from Oklahoma and always professes his fondness for the Thunder. However, he also routinely voices his displeasure for how often Russell Westbrook shoots. Well, Durant heard those criticisms and stuck up for his teammate:

And rather than taking sides with the television talking head who has had his back, Durant chose to ride with his teammate, defending Russell Westbrook from what has become daily criticism by ESPN First Take’s Skip Bayless.

“That guy doesn’t know a thing about basketball,” Durant said of Bayless before the Thunder faced Memphis on Monday night.

“We’re worse when I take more shots,” Durant said. “Like I said, that guy doesn’t know a thing. I don’t think he watches us. I think he just looks at the stats. And traditionally, a point guard is not supposed to take more shots than everybody else on the team. But we’re better when he does do that and he’s aggressive. And I’m better when I’m out there facilitating, rebounding, defending and being more efficient on my shots with less shots.”

Source: The Oklahoman

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