Sunday 17th December 2017,
The Hoop Doctors

Blake Griffin Posterizes Pau Gasol Twice in the Same Game

As if the Lakers-Clippers series hasn’t been intense enough this year. Last night, Kendrick Perkins may have been relieved of his duties as poster boy. Blake Griffin took it to Pau Gasol not once, but twice with two vicious posterizing dunks. What made matters worse for Pau is that he fell to the ground after each dunk. Poor Pau. After the first one, maybe he should have laid some wood on Griffin. Good thing the Lakers won, or you’d see the ‘soft’ label coming back awfully quick

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  • rick (chicago)

    I have no loyalty to either LA team, but the second one is clearly a blatant foul for the forearm to the head.  The first is an iffy over the back call.  He is a hell of an athlete, but needs to learn how to play the game within the rules.  That said, it is fun to watch Pau get thrown to the ground and cry about it.

    • Anklesnap

      True, but were Gasol’s feet outside the restricted area? Forearm is definitely there, but gets tough for the refs when it’s not clear if Gasol was in position or not to take a charge.
      Not sure myself, and normally not one to defend the refs. Just not sure on this one. Could go either way. And agree with you that its always nice to watch Gasol cry about not getting a call. His face is priceless.

  • DVR

    I don’t get the Blake Griffin hype.  He gets a lucky dunk on Perkins a while back and has a few exciting looking dunks, and suddenly he’s the dunk god.  These are clearly two flagrant offensive fouls – an elbow to the head in one and a knee to the back/over the back.  Flagrant because it is obviously intentional and malicious, done out of frustration.

    But hey, I’m not complaining.  Maybe because of this they’ll once again talk of trading the “soft” number two best forward in the game.  Without Gasol, the Lakers have no chance of winning the championship this year.  I would argue they have a top two roster this year (Miami being the other).   Clippers have Chris Paul and that’s really about it.  Without the experience of Billups, I say they’re out in the first round.