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Video: Idiotic Guy Dunking In Pop-A-Shot

March 7, 2012 – Allen Moll

When it comes to amateur games of horse, this one ranks right up there with the best…or worst, depending how you look at it.

In the past, we have seen some outrageous behavior from our overseas friends who tend to take things to the extreme, like when fans set off and launched M-80‘s inside an arena in protest of what were deemed unfavorable calls by referees during the Greek League Finals a few years ago. Talk about a rough crowd.

During a junior basketball championship game in Bahrain, players from both teams engaged in a 20 minute melee that would make MMA and WWE fans proud. Additionally, let’s not forget about the recent Georgetown/Bayi Rockets brawl in what was supposed to be a routine exhibition game.

Then there is this crazy guy, that decided to climb atop the backboard assembly in an attempt to fire up the crowd and inspire his favorite team. Now that’s what I call a superfan.

But we shouldn’t judge anyone, especially since we must take credit for this guy on our side of the pond, who for some reason thought it was a good idea to try and dunk on a pop-a-shot rim during a game of horse with his buddies. I wonder why King James never thought of this when getting schooled on the Jimmy Kimmel Show?

Check out Idiotic Guy Dunking In Pop-A-Shot:

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