Wednesday 18th September 2019,
The Hoop Doctors

Dwyane Wade May Have Plantar Fasciitis?

Dwyane Wade has been out of action for the Miami Heat for a few games now with significant pain in his foot. The Heat are still winning with Lebron James playing out of his mind, and Chris Bosh taking on more of the scoring load in the post. But with that said, they need Wade back in action as soon as possible to continue their dominance over long stretches of games in the compressed season.

But what some thought was a minor foot injury initially, Wade thinks might possibly be a more serious condition called Plantar Fasciitis given how long its taking to get healthy….

So Dwyane Wade, it is plantar fasciitis? “I don’t know, man, it’s just hurting. It could be three different things. That’s one of them. The bruise is one of ’em. Maybe it’s a combination. I just know that it’s in the area of the plantar fascia and I know it’s bruised as well. Whatever it is, it’s just taking its course, taking its time to get healthy.” [via Sun Sentinel]

No need to panic just yet Heat fans. Doctors haven’t diagnosed his pain as plantar fasciitis just yet, and Wade himself is still hopeful he’ll be back in action sooner, rather than later.

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