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People Riot Over ‘Concord’ Jordan XI

December 27, 2011 – Ben Berry

During a time where people are struggling to pay their bills, the Air Jordan line is just as appealing as ever. Since 2008, a classic Jordan XI has made its way to store shelves the weekend before Christmas and this year was no exception. With the Bred, Space Jam, and Cool Grey colorways already released in years’ past, Jordan Brand showed us that no pair is sacred by ending 2011 with the return of the Concord XIs which further supports my theory about the Columbia XIs dropping next year.

The video below shows one of hundreds of midnight releases for the Jordan XI Concords and puts into context the lengths in which patrons went to secure a pair. Long lines and even camping overnight now seem to be “all in the game” (word to Omar a la The Wire), but when safety becomes compromised then that’s not cool.

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  • Anonymous

    One mother said when ask if it was worth being trampled on, she replired “yes, it was, I got him what he need a pair of shoes”. You tell me her son needed a pair of shoes!!! Did they have to be a pair of Jordan $180.00.  She had several other children with her and by the looks of her and the kids, she waits for the gov’t check every month.  Does this piss me off YES.  DON’T TELL ME YOUR SON NEEDS SON….GO TO SEARS AND BUY ALL YOUR KIDS SHOES FOR LESS THEN 180.00.  He wanted the JORDAN shoes and she didn’t care that you and I were probably paying for them.  I’m sure my grandson would like a pair, but I can’t afford 180.00 for BB shoes. I have to work hard for my $ to pay my bills and feed my family.  And to Mr. Jordan SHAME on you for continuing to produce these EXPENSE shoes that put so much pressure on parents to buy, esp. at Christmas. Because it’s usually low income parents who have to not pay a bill or work extra hours,if they have a job, to pay for them!!!  MJ HOW MANY SHOES HAVE YOU N NIKE FLOODED THE MARKET WITH, I READ CLOSE TO 200 DIFFERENT STYLES. THE CHEAPEST BEING AROUND 125.00.  BOY,am I glad your ex-wife took you for $170million.  MJ stop the flood of BB shoes and take the pressure off the parents, you may not know this, but this country is in a serious financial crisis. There is a 14% jobless rate. Families losing their homes…$180 BB shoes