Wednesday 24th January 2018,
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Top 10 NBA Draft Busts of Past 15 Years

<h5>#1 Kwame Brown</h5>

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#1 pick in 2001 by Washington – Michael Jordan may be the greatest player of all time but not the best talent evaluator. Jordan in 01′ pulled the trigger on drafting Brown as the first high school player to be selected #1 overall in NBA draft history. Brown has played for 4 different teams with none of which finding much use for him. His career to date has also been marred by numerous controversial incidents including rape accusation in 06′, disorderly conduct for being in a car driven on the wrong side of the road, and unbelievably throwing birthday cake at a pedestrian by accident, both in 07′.

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  • Good post! Enjoyed the trip down memory lane…

  • Anonymous

    lol, man those dudes are all so full of themselves.

  • Thundernutts

    Morrison might be a bust, but I’ll take his 2 championship rings he got when he played for the Lakers in 2009 & 2010.

    • Sdbowdish

      @Thundernutts… Morrison didnt play for the lakers in 09-10 he was a designated benchwarmer not much value in those rings

  • CarMur

    What about Hasheem Thabeet? 2nd pick overall in 2009, $4,000,000+ a year

    • Yeah Thabeet is worse than Kwame and Darko for sure.  Those guys still get 20 minutes a game when healthy Thabeet gets. ZERO

  • William

    CarMur, a few below nailed it… Hasheem Thabeet taken 2nd by the Grizzlies in the ’09 draft… 
    thabeet defines bust based on his salary vs output alone; not to mention the boy never showed improvement in any aspect of his game…ever… but wait, here’s where thabeet pick redefines bust… taken 3rd in 2009 draft… by the okc thunder,  james harden…. the “beard” who came off the thunder bench in the just wrapped 2011 west.conf.semis, and simply smacked the grizz in the mouth, everydamntime the series tipped in memphis’ favor… if you think hardin doesn’t remember who passed on him in that draft, then explain why he was still shootin 3s, up 19, with 2 mins to play, against the grizz 3rd team…,geez even after a bust player is long gone, the ghosts of that draft will do more than haunt, they’ll kick your ass, and keep shooting 3’s over your dead body. 

    am i a grizz fan?  absolutely
    was i stunned by the thabeet pick? absolutely
    had i ever heard of james hardin before this series? absolutely not
    do i think james hardin is a schmuck? (this offseason) absolutely
    if i was james hardin, would i have reveled in the same situation? hell yes, absolutely

    (oh, if you do a top 25 all time bust list; don’t be afraid to come back to the grizz’s  draft history, and look for the late ’90s draft pick and 50 million we burned on the 800lb corn-fed cowboy outta okstate, Bryant “Big Country” Reeves… 

  • R.I.P. Tractor Traylor

  • Todd Ferguson

    Sam Bowie anyone?

    • Anonymous

      Bowie was well before the 15 year mark…

  • Jjfusche

    Morrison did get a ring with LA.

  • Stromile Smith is a decent player, everyone else I agree with.

  • Searchingdeep12

    Where the hell is mateen cleaves. Must have been longer than 15 years. That’s dude is on par with kwame if not worse. He was only In the league what one year?

  • Dyates5902

    he couldnt play for the louisville cardinals in college. u can add carlos hurt to that list also.2 wasted talents and 2 wasted recruits!

  • Being a T-wolves fan I cannot stand watching Darko play. He is so soft only if they could take the heart of JJ Barea and put it in Darko. 

  • Being a T-wolves fan I cannot stand watching Darko play. He is so soft only if they could take the heart of JJ Barea and put it in Darko. 

  • Genecolvins

    What?  No Sam Bowie?

    • Anklesnap

      Bowie was drafted a lot longer than 15 years ago. But obviously he would be high up on an ‘all-time’ list of draft busts.

  • Goptican

    How Thabeet isnt on this I dont know. He is the first, to 5 draft pick to play in the d-league

  • Jje9000

    Hind sight is 20/20.  Looking at the list of comparisons for most of these players there was probably 1 or maybe 2 per class that you could have said coming out might have been better, but otherwise its not a fair comparison.  Many of these blossomed after or are only average players themselves now.  Yes, better than who you compared them to, but not that great.

  • Really Tractor Trailer. he just passed away, kind of a low blow 

  • Me

    Just had to comment…..1984 (or somewhere around that year)….Sam Bowie #1 pick, Clyde “The Glide” Drexler was #2, and that new guy, Michael Jeffrey Jordan was #3.  The Glide and Jordan kicked ass of course, but as for Bowie…..might as well have drafted David Bowie

    • Anklesnap

      Definitely would qualify if it was an ‘all-time’ list. But this particular post was just busts from past 15 years. Or definitely would have had the Jordan draft.

    • Jim

      A lot of the statement is incorrect.
      In 1984, the first pick was Hakeem Olajuwon, the Second was Sam Bowie, and the third was Michael Jordan.