Thursday 29th October 2020,
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David Kahn Says He Was Joking About Rigged Lottery

Following Tuesday night’s NBA draft lottery, Timberwolves GM David Kahn suggested that the lottery is rigged after his team ended up with the second pick rather than the top pick. That got many people talking and he has since backed off his claim, saying that he was joking.

Timberwolves president David Kahn says his comments about the NBA draft lottery were intended as a joke, simply a tongue-in-cheek resignation that fate gave Cleveland the first pick ahead of luck-lacking Minnesota.

After the Cavaliers beat out the Wolves for the top spot Tuesday, Kahn said with a smirk to a group of reporters, “This league has a habit — and I am just going to say habit — of producing some pretty incredible story lines.”

“I don’t believe in jinxes, curses (or) hocus pocus, and I certainly don’t think we were wronged,” Kahn said. “But I do believe in the power of story, and I joked last night that it’s a heck (of a) better story for a 14-year-old kid to beat out a couple of middle-aged executives standing together on a stage on national TV — and that our league seems to always have its own share of luck in being a part of these stories.”

Kahn added: “That was the entire meaning of what I said last night in a joking fashion and what I believe was received in such fashion.”

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