Friday 23rd February 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Top 10 Dunks of the Season [Video]

There is nothing like a high flying dunk to get the crowd pumped up and rowdy, or get the dunking player’s team pumped up and energized. Every year it seems that some young buck steps up and takes the crown of the new human highlight reel in the NBA. This year that young banger was obviously Blake Griffin. He was undisputed as the dunker with the most sports center dunk highlights in 2010-11. But as amazing as his dunks were, where do they sit on a list of the Top 10 dunks of the NBA season?

You may assume he’d sit at number one, but remember JR Smith’s two handed skywalk? Or how about Dwyane Wade’s spinning tomahawk in the lane? Or better yet Russell Westbrook lit up the sky a few times. Watch and find out where The Hoop Doctors felt Griffin’s best dunk of the season sat in our Top 10….

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  • As a Heat fan, I can watch that D-Wade dunk over and over and it’ll never get old.

  • Kris

    Wheres Tyreke on Gary Neal a few nights ago?

    • @Kris, which on this list do you think should come off in favor of the ‘Reke on Neal dunk?

      • Kris

        @Anklesnap, 10 easilly dunking on someone from the dotted circle is much more impressive than an alley oop, granted Brown did get up high and reach way back.

        also i dont find LeBrons that impressive. Tyrekes is comparable and even to a few on this list, when he hit Neal his body spun around around 90 degrees and he still stuffed it in over him.

        • @Kris, I am tending to agree with you. Keep in mind this Top 10 was only published the day after ‘Reke’s dunk on Neal so really didn’t have a chance to get the cut into the mix as it was edited a few days before posting.

          That said Kris, stay tuned tomorrow around 10am EST. We got you covered.


  • Kris

    No worries that makes total sense, thanks.

  • Jesse Bushnell

    D. Rose had the best dunk of the year by far and it wasn’t on the list.

    • @Jesse Bushnell, Rose is explosive as hell, and when he cocks it way back for this patented two handed toss it gets us all off our seats. But aside from last season’s dunk right on Dragic, not sure his dunks have been dunk of the year worthy.

      Don’t shoot me though, i’m wavering….he’s definitely knocking on the door.

  • Horatio

    No Rose dunks = list fail

  • John

    I’m disappointed that Christian Eyenga over Pau Gasol didn’t make it. But maybe more so that Blake Griffin wasn’t #1.

    For your reference:

  • Zekemob

    Funny they didn’t have Amare posterizing Lebron James. God forbid King James get’s dunked on.

  • Zekemob

    Here I posted number 1 dunk of the year:

    • Anonymous

      Is that just because it was on Lebron or do you really think it was that spectacular? If it was on a bench player would it still be in your top 10?

  • Zekemob

    …And to be fair as a Knicks fan Griffin on Gallinari should have been top 3… you know what scratch that I think that entire games worth of dunks against the Knicks should be top 5. Here you go:

  • Sam Thelkingofcool Shepatd

    Dunks one and two are way too feeble to be on this list. I pretty sure i have seen some dunks by Rajon Rondo that kill these. PS the heat suck, Lebrons plan to go to Miami so Wade could win him a championship failed